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JHL Roller Ball Spurs

£16.99 (including tax)
Westgate 142244

Product Description

JHL Roller Ball Spurs

The Solid Roller Ball Spurs are a great piece of riding equipment that can help you with your control over your horse. These particular spurs are made to send commands and instructions to your horse in the traditional manner, taking measures however to keep discomfort and harm to your horse to a bare minimum.

Perhaps the main feature of the Solid Roller Ball Spurs is the unique neck that protrudes from the back. A curved stem holds a moving sphere that acts as the main contact point between the spur and the horse, this piece does jab the horse when you push, but a blunt impact keeps any discomfort to a minimum. While the Solid Roller Ball Spurs still make sure your commands are understood, but also rolls along the flesh, making sure that there is not too much rubbing, ensuring that no damage is done to your horse.

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